DMV: Missed Monday Workers Canned

The Inter-Union Committee of State workers at Cal. Dept. of Public Health Demand the DMV end the suspentions and retribution taken against our brothers and sister who had the guts to stand up and initiate the “Missed Monday” sick out following the illegal, retributive re-institution of Furlough Friday.

We note that our Unions’ leaderships have done nothing to mobilize the membership for defensive actions against the Furloughs leaving workers to our own initiative.

Workers have been admonished to wait for the lawyers to settle this in court but anyone who has watched the court proceedings from last Wednesday has to have a sinking feeling. Even the Saintly Controller’s lawyer turned against us claiming we were not due back pay and some of our own lawyers suggested layoffs were a legal option instead of furloughs. It is not our job to suggest alternatives which hurt our brothers and sisters.

The only way we can assure to win our back pay, prevent layoffs and assure a fair contract is to replace the sell out union leaderships with class struggle fighters such as those who set the example of the “Missed Monday” and who are prepared to wield the power of labor shut the state down ourselves until a fair settlement is reached.

Right now the handful of workers at DMV who stuck there necks out took exemplary action and they will now pay for it alone. We must hang together or we will all hang along. Our MOU has a no lock out and no strike clause. The governor ignored the no lock out clause and closed shop with furlough Fridays. If this is legal we also have the right to ignore this clause and strike.

We demand our unions fully defend these bold and defiant workers. We demand that if they loose pay our unions reimburse these workers for their loss; as the action they took was for all of us. We demand that our unions prepare to boldly confront the anti-labor laws which prevent us from taking united strike action. These laws can only be crushed by united strike action launched by workers prepared by a class struggle leadership to challenge the bosses and their lackeys in Sacramento and Washington who seek to make public and private sector workers pay for their crisis.

Matier and Ross in todays Chronicle report : “Heads are rolling at the Department of Motor Vehicles’ San Francisco office over the “Missed Monday” we told you about a couple of weeks back.

In all, 19 of the Fell Street office’s 34 staffers were no-shows Aug. 23 – the Monday that followed a forced “Furlough Friday” without pay.

The mass no-shows created a huge backup at the office, with the lines going around the block.

Sources tell us that two of the “ringleaders” have been canned and seven others with histories of taking unauthorized days off have been suspended for 15 days without pay. Ten first-time offenders were given 10 days without pay.

An office insider tells us replacement workers from outside the city were brought in to cover while the accused had their disciplinary hearings.

DMV spokesman Mike Marando said the department was barred from discussing personnel actions, but said, “We do look at each case very seriously.”

The Service Employees International Union Local 1000, which represents the DMV workers, promised to get back to us just as soon as it got to the bottom of the case. We’re still waiting.”

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