CA Public Education & Public Workers Conference On Privatization Of Public Education & Public Services

9/25/2010 CA Public Education & Public Workers Conference

On Privatization Of Public Education & Public Services

It’s Time To Stand Up

For Public Services And Public Education! Saturday September 25, 2010 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM NALC  Local 1111  Richmond Union Hall 402 37th St. Richmond, CA 94805

California public workers are under the greatest attack since the 1930’s. The many gains made by public workers from decent wages and  working conditions to proper healthcare benefits and pensions are under assault. From the University of Californa, CSU and public education these union busters want to eliminate public education and the unions. This is a coordinated effort by big business and their representatives to weaken and destroy both public workers and their unions  which are the largest and most significant part of organized labor in this state and nation. They are also seeking to destroy all public workers pensions through privatization.

Each union is trying to fight against these attacks without uniting with all public workers and the entire labor movement. These divisions are helping the union busting and privatization drive in their efforts to destroy all public workers and their unions.

Public workers must begin the process of educating ourselves first and the public at large why privatization is a threat to our entire society and the future of our state and country. To carry out this task, on Septmeber 25, 2010, a California Public Education and Public Workers Conference will be held to provide an overview of the history of privatization in California and how the economic crisis is now being used as a pretext to step up the outsourcing and destruction of the public sector.

Join with unions from the public education, public transit agencies and public services to discuss the affect of privatization and develop a plan and program  to to educate and fight back against these attacks.

We need to unite all 1.5 million California public workers in united labor action to stop these attacks and defend all public services and public education.

Initially sponsored by

United Public Workers For Action (415)867-0628

Endorsed by San Francisco Labor Council AFL-CIO, AFSCME Local 444, Diane Brown, president United Teachers Of Richmond, Charles Smith, Former Chief Steward AFSCME 444, Jack Gerson, Oakland Education Association Bargaining Team & OEA rep to CTA State Council and Alameda Central Labor Council

-labor donated-
SFLC Resolution In Support of The California Educational ConferenceOn Privatization of Public Services and Public Education on September 25, 2010 Resolution in Support of the California Educational Conference on Privatization of Public Services and Public Education on September 25, 2010
WHEREAS, public workers and public services are under the greatest assault since the 1930’s with furloughs, wage cuts, attacks on healthcare and pensions; and
WHEREAS, the need to present an overview of the attack on public services and public education requires in depth reports of these efforts to privatize and destroy historic gains for working people and the Labor Movement; and
WHEREAS, there needs to be an education campaign to defend public services and public education; and
WHEREAS, a center of privatization has been Richmond, CA with charter schools in Richmond and the privatization of the sanitation district by Vivendi/Veolia Corporation; and
WHEREAS, the United Teachers of Richmond UTR, AFSCME 444, along with the United Public Workers for Action ( are convening a California educational conference on privatization of public services and public education on September 25, 2010 in Richmond, CA from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM at the N ALC 1111 Richmond Union Hall at 402 37th Street in Richmond, CA, and
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the San Francisco Labor Council endorses this conference and inform its affiliates about this educational conference and encourage their endorsement, support and participation.
Submitted by David Williams, SEIU 1021; Mike Daly, Iron Workers 377 and Lois Scott, IFPTE 21 and adopted by the San Francisco Labor Council on July 12, 2010.

Tim Paulson Executive Director

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Member of California Association of Professional Scientists
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