State Workers under the gun!

As for California: state workers are very demoralized. Management reports that there is a siege mentality. Lack of funding makes it impossible to assure Health and Safety. Vendors who provide goods and services are reluctant to take IOU’s. Workers don’t have everything needed to do their jobs. For lack of strike action workers take out their frustration in a massive more passive unspoken slow-down.

Our unions are asking us to use our day off on Furlough Friday to work for the election of Democrat Jerry Brown. All the while they ignore how he has joined in the attack on our pensions all the while polishing his conservative credential talking how he held the unions down. Indeed Jerry presided over the first furlough and guided the process of breaking the state workers into 12 unions which separate ultimately preventing united job actions and strikes. Talk about feeding the hand that bites you!

The judge found that the governor stole two holidays from State workers….we could have told you that before we were robbed. Those holidays were wage concessions written into the contract in lieu of raises years ago. But guess what-when Oct 11th rolls around we will be expected to work despite the Judges ruling unless the Supremes rule our way on the furloughs and the Governor reneges on his threat to appeal the ruling.

On Monday the court will decide the issue of the legality of the furloughs so we will either have to go back to work 40 hours a week or we will continue on furlough until either a concessionary contract is signed, a budget is reached or we get a new governor . The governor demands pension “reform” and is aiming to knock us down 10-15% in pay even if we come back to work full time. So the slogan of the governor is 40 hours work for 30 hours pay. He has a transitional program against the workers and we need the exact opposite.

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