Pissed off SEIU member writes to Y Walker

From an SEIU 1000 member +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


I don’t know where you stand, but the more I read the angrier I get.

I sent this email to YvonneWalker and crew this morning.


I am sorry, but this has got to end. What have you been bargaining for these many months? You got us nothing, but certainly took our dues. I have been a member for 12 years, not once in that time has the Union asked what I wanted before negotiations began. You simply take our money and then tell us this is what we get. I for one will be opting out and I will find a way to give my dues to someone else, likely a charity. At least there some good will come of my money. I will be coaxing my friends to do the same.

Let’s start with your propaganda sent out over the weekend.

1. A 3% increase – HA! And when does that kick in 2013. You failed

to put that tid bit – so you lie at worst and at best you make it

sound better then it really is.

2. You reduced the governor’s employee contribution from 5% to 3%.

Had you stopped to ask us we would have taken 5% to ourselves, which

is who contributions benefit, over the lost days. So what did you

gain us here? NOTHING

3. This governor is gone, the legislature has never considered

furloughs, and had you done your JOB we should have accepted layoff

of people hired during the freeze. Unfortunately, you were thinking

of yourselves and all those new dues paying union members you gained.

(A). No more threat of minimum wage. Oooooo let me get all excited

with this one. If the legislature decides to reduce us to minimum

wage they can, contract or no contract. They have the constitutional

authority to set wages. This contract item does nothing, more smoke

and mirrors. (B). You meant to say no more furloughs added to what

you already added in this contract, which you failed to mention.

Gee let me thank you for this one. This is moronic and why I agreed to sever from this joke. You have spun this just like the politicians do. What is bad of course is that we pay you to represent us.

You make it a big deal that there is no chance of additional furloughs in the first year; guarantee us this benefit unless the legislature decides to furlough us. This is not a benefit. The only one who has ever taken this course of action is GAS and now the courts have ensured that no future governor can take this action, but the legislature could at any time; again this is no benefit at all. This is a lie at worst and misdirection at best. In either case you must think us idiots.

4. Again, I have been here 12 years and never seen minimum wage. Also, banks are more then willing to float us no interest loans should this happen. So again, you guarantee us against the threat of

something that has not been used. Oooooo I am getting all warm and

fuzzy inside with this one. Of course no furloughs in the 2nd and

third year unless the legislature authorizes them. The courts have

made this clear. So you guaranteed us nothing. Again with the smoke

and mirrors.

5. So at best the PLP is a wash, but as the Bee and other analyses

are portraying this “benefit” PLP is in addition to another 12 days

of furloughs you fail to mention below. So we take the hit

financially, but get to take time off in kind. Trust me I’d rather

take the pay. Another smoke and mirrors, misdirection ploy.

6. Two professional leave days. This of course is in lieu of the

two holidays the courts have said are ours anyway, but you gave those

away in this contract – DIDN’T YOU!

So what did you give away?

1. You agreed to 12 furlough days in the first year. You did not

even have the presence of mind to include the 7 already taken. You

gave up another 12 days, which you somehow think that giving us 12

PLP days is a good trade. What I don’t know yet is if that is over 2

years or 1. Too many state workers live paycheck to paycheck. They

don’t need or want another day off. They need certainty they will

get full pay for work done. The Governor does not have the right to

furlough (you remember the Supreme Court decision and the millions of

union dues you spent litigating?), and as long as the legislature

needs union backed campaign funds, they will not furlough in the

future. So to my count that is 24 days of unpaid time, 12 days off

(one time), two additional days off, and a raise in three years.

This is so warped and complicated I am uncertain when or if my pay will

ever return to what it was prior to all of this crap. Maybe

someone of integrity can tell me that (this is rhetorical question

for the leadership because there is no integrity here) you included

the increase per diem rates negotiated in the last failed contract

(probably not, otherwise it would have been on the list).

So by my tally of the 6 items you touted above, there is no RELIEF at

all. You simply agreed to take the hit the Supreme Court said the

governor no longer has the right to do. I’m sorry, but this is so

sad for us, does it affect you guys – I don’t know. What are your

salaries? How do you sleep at night after you made the case for all

those state workers who lost homes, taking food stamps, medicine and

every other case you USED? I think this all means that you codified

the pay cuts we are already taking via the illegal actions of GAS.

You have legitimized what he did and now we take a 15% pay cut for

the next two years because you ‘negotiated’ on our behalf? You

deserve our anger for abandoning those you purport to lead. I

believe there is only one course – you need to step down, in shame

and disgrace and let other more competent people lead.

Here is you last sentence re-written to suit your betrayal.

When our members throw this tentative agreement back to the drawing

table maybe our new negotiating team will provide us with a contract

that does offer security and certainty, preserve the contract

protections and benefits the current leadership so easily gave away.

Every state worker I know works their butts off. So you do not

“allow us to continue providing California with vital public

services.” We already do that in spite of this horrendous governor,

and yes you as Union leaders.

I will be asking everyone I know to circulate this email and to vote

NO when given the opportunity to vote. I will also be setting in

motion a FOIA request and asking the Attorney General to oversee this

vote. I hope you understand that your actions have warranted this

from those you claim to serve.

So I am asking you, if you agree with all or part and are fed up to

circulate this email. If you know how we can get oversight on the

soon to be vote, let me know. Frankly, as my email to them says, I

don’t trust them.

Authors name removed by request

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