On the propostions

As labor is not running its own candidates I have no preference.  A vote for Peace and Freedom to protect its ballot status for a future time when the working class may choose use it as a vehical sure, I can go along with that.    As for the Propostions defensive votes should be cast to protect and advance democracy:

20-No–Redistricting won’t solve problems with our electoral system
21-Yes–Parks for the People
22-No–Pretends to protect local funds from the state
23-NO–Don’t let Texas oil barons mess with California’s climate change law
24-Yes–End Corporate Tax Breaks
25-Yes–A Partial Solution to Budgetary Problems
26-No–Requires a two-thirds vote to approve most state and local fees
27-No–Redistricting won’t solve problems with our electoral system

Just how I see it.  Without a fighting workers/labor party organizing new institutions of democracy from the shop floor up, there is no prospect for an elected solution to the current crisis.  The crisis of capitalism is bigger than the institutions which seek to contain it.  The elections are a farce used to make us think we have a choice but there is no choise  both parties promise to impose austerity and fight the interests of labor.

Win loose or draw after the election we will not be better off .   We need to break our organizations from the twin parties of Wall Street and create a powerful workers party willing to take the struggle out of the electoral arena and into the streets.  To challenge the capitalist class for control of the social wealth and create a plan to meet the economic, environmental, social needs of humanity.

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Member of California Association of Professional Scientists
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