Chinese scientists visits collapsing capitalism’s empty laboratories

Today a parade of about 30 Chinese scientists visited the California Department of Public Health laboratories in Richmond California.
The Richmond laboratories are a world class facility constructed just 10 years ago, it is referred to as CDC west. The many branches housed at the laboratories test for asbestos, lead, TB, HINI and AIDS. All kinds of research is conducted there which protects the public health, the shell food you eat gets the all clear after scientists at these laboratories examine it. But today the laboratories were vacated like a ghost town, when the guests from China arrived. Of course a representative of the Food and Drug Branch was on hand to guide the visitors but instead of showing laboratories filled with busy scientists conducting cutting edge science, our guests were welcome to largely empty laboratories, dozens of them, lights on but empty…why because State scientists still have three furloughs a month imposed on them by a vindictive governor who is trying to pressure the California Association of Professional Scientists into signing a concessionary contract and devaluing their work, and today was furlough Friday. That is why the labs were empty on the day the Chinese scientists came to visit. They must think America is falling apart. Oh yeah…it is!

Charles Rachlis

About Mad Scientist

Member of California Association of Professional Scientists
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