L.A. city workers could see more furlough days

L.A. city workers could see more furlough days

L.A. city workers could see more furlough days

January 5, 2011 | 6:29 pm

Workers at Los Angeles City Hall could soon take another hit, with high-level budget analysts calling for many of them to take another 10 days of furloughs over the next six months.

City Administrative Officer Miguel Santana issued a report Wednesday calling for new furloughs for certain civilian employees, including workers in departments that handle street services, personnel and maintenance of city facilities. If the plan is approved, some workers would see their furlough days jump from 26 to 36 this year.

Because of the continuing budget crisis, Santana said some departments may need to close one day a week. He also called for graffiti removal funds to be cut in half, or by $1.5 million, and for a $10-million reduction in the Fire Department budget.

The cuts are designed to address an estimated $62.6-million shortfall in the current budget, which covers the year ending June 30. Next year the city expects a shortfall of $350 million.

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