CA-OSHA, ACOEM And The Labor Movement With Dr. Larry Rose

CA-OSHA, ACOEM And The Labor Movement With Dr. Larry Rose Larry Rose, was the last full time doctor at CA-OSHA for California’s 17 million workers. In this presentation at the first national conference on Corporate Medicine, Injured Workers, ACOEM And Labor, Dr. Rose outlines his experience with CA-OSHA which is supposed to protect the health and safety of workers in California.. The American College for Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) is an insurance-industry controlled medical group whose guidelines have been embedded into the law in California. Dr. Rose speaks about the destruction of CA-OSHA during the last 14 years and what is needed to to defend worker’s health and safety protection. CA-OSHA according to Dr. Rose has the worst state program in the country and Dr. Rose talks about what the program needs to do to provide strenghtened protection for workers. For more information go to
The conference was held in San Francisco on 3/26/2011 and was sponsored by the California Coalition For Workers Memorial Day CCWMD.

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