5/3 Richmond Day Of Action To Defend Public Education And All Public Workers

5/3 Richmond Day Of Action To Defend Public Education And All Public Workers

May 3, 2011 Day Of Action In Richmond


Stand Together with the United Teachers of Richmond, Wednesday, May 3, 2010 “Day of the Teacher.” Support working people, education, our students, higher education, protect ALL of our rights and fairness.

CALL TO ACTION: Join the All Day Demonstration,public and private sector employees line the streets of the community to show the pivotal role these employees play in the community, at the corner ofCutting and San Pablo Ave. Richmond/El Cerrito, 6:00 AM-6:00 PM

California is in a State of Emergency! Working people are in a State of Emergency!

· California schools have been cut by $18 Billion in the last three years and we now face another $4 Billion!

· We may lose 20,000 teachers this year, on top of the 30,000 we’ve lost in the past three years!

· Our class sizes are outrageous!

· Students’ instruction days are being eliminated!

· Our counselors are disappearing!

· Our arts, our music, our PE, our athletic programs are gone or going!

· Our library books are deteriorating!

We’ve given everything, and can’t give anymore! It’s not fair to our students or to our communities! Save our Schools – Raise Revenue – Students are our Future!
This is an ALL day action not just another demonstration. It is about the right of our children to have a public education in Richmond and Contra Costa County. What are we working for if our kids can’t get an education in this country? At the same time that we have bailed out the bankers with government money and are spending trillions of our tax dollars on the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and now Libya? Make sure your union, banners and your members are at this action to protest and fight back for public workers, and public education!!
Planning Meeting: United Teachers of Richmond office, 700 Crestview Drive, Pinole, CA 94565
Tuesday April 26, 6:30 PM. Please call Diane Brown @ 510-672-3526

For more information: www.unitedteachersofrichmond.com Phone: 510-222-5112 Fax: 510 222-5114 – 700 Crestview Drive, Pinole, CA 94565 United Teachers of Richmond, CTA/NEA

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