CAPS refuses to support ILWU 10

CAPS refuses to support the ILWU 10.

Yesterday I recieved a call from John Bederu(sp?) ( a member of the e-board) and he reported to me that the CAPS board considered the request that CAPS endorse the campaign and sign the model statement based on the San Francisco Labor Council resolution, to defend the ILWU 10 and would decline the request for a number of reasons.
1) CAPS is a small union with limited resources and has responed to the Wisconsin situation with participation in the coalition to defend pensions and to educate the public on the lies about public workers pensions.
2) CAPS has taken up the cause of the public workers of Costa Mesa (check town name) who are under attack of total privatization.
3) The ILWU 10 action was a wildcat and CAPS does not want to be associated with a wildcat.

I hope this is a fair rendition of our conversation. I explained to John the ILWU 10 members position, which as I under stand it is, that when the head of the labor movement calls for a day of action with no buisness as usuall that means “tools down”. I explained that the ILWU 10 stood up for all public workers and we should defend them for “having our back”

We agreed to agree to disagree and I thanked him for the information.

In my view we need to replace all e-board members who voted against support of the ILWU 10. Solidarity should be and acid test for union leaders.

I will respond to the CAPS position later. But those who know me can already guess what I will have to say.

Charles R

About Mad Scientist

Member of California Association of Professional Scientists
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