Time to start shaking it up!

I know we all took a whooping in the last contract go round. We all finally got a look at our pay checks after we were taken from three furlough days to one forced Personal Leave Day off a month. After the hike in medical insurance and hike in pension contribution we work two more days than when we were on furlough and take home money for one. Ain’t that the shits!

Now I’m not one who usually curses but what the F**K. And now they want to impose a decreasing pay out to the old folks on social security. And bite my ass it’s the Democrats, who my dues dollars an my co-workers time at the phone banks put in office, screwing it to us with a smile on their face and that old sorry sing song I’ve heard from far too many union leaders, “well shucks that’s the best we could do”.

Yeah that’s their job to tell us that there is no social wealth to be spread around and no way to get it. Well all their ways have hit the brick wall of right wing obstructionism. Grover Norquists wet dream of drowning gvmt in a bath tub has be accomplished under the administrative direction of the Goldman Sachs team of experts. All this says is that progressives and liberals have nothing to offer the working class because they want us to  accept the parameters of “acceptable possibilities”.

Outside those parameters that run roughly from A to B or for the media savvy from FOX to CNN, there is an entire alphabet a world of possibilities that open up with the self organization of the working class into shop, factory, neighborhood, school and public works councils. The development of self organized workers action committees and administrative councils are generally a reaction to major provocation and the need to defend the entire class from attack. Well today we are under attack like never before. Our leaders won’t do it. We need to open discussions on how to drive them out of the leadership, generate a new militant leadership, and mobilize the membership to defend Social Security, our pensions and reclaim lost COLA’s, lost holidays, pay parity, end privatization and long term contracting out. Organize the at will contract employees. All these are tasks we need to take on. We need to expose the labor tops who tie us to the Democrats and by association to the barbaric wars in defense of oil interests and against the peoples of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen does it ever stop?

We have to look reality squarely in the eye and say the truth that the corporate capitalists who run the world have only barbarism, war, climate change, and toxic industrialism to offer. This is not sustainable. A workers government is needed to plan and run the economy. To attain that we need a fighting workers/labor party based in the organized and unorganized working class uniting the most oppressed sectors of the class, the black and brown communities, the immigrants, the native Americans, the women and LGBT workers into a mighty force capable of shutting down the economy in a massive political general strike, taking and defending the reigns of power conquered via the strike, split the military and arm and defend the strike, expropriate the expropriators and reorganize the economy.

When we realize that this is class war then this scenario is the only option open for humanity. The alternative is barbaric. If you want to see barbarism go to Haiti. The people live knee deep in shit while the imperialist overlords hold $8 billion in trust and will not release the purse strings. Katrina, Haiti, Fukushima, Christ Church, coming to a city near you and if your a public worker you know government is not prepared.

Enough of a rant folks. Time to organize. Set up rank and file caucuses pose solutions and challenge for power in your unions. Open a culture of organized resistance or as we like to say cognitive dissidence.

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Member of California Association of Professional Scientists
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