California Association of Professional Scientists (CAPS) Fighting Union Caucus

Contact: Charles Rachlis FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Cell Phone: 415-205-0359
Email: crachlis September 15,2011

After physically trying to prevent CAPS candidate from entering the CAPS offices at #1 Sutter on August 29th, Matt Austin, in an attempt to further keep information from Charles Rachlis and the entire CAPS membership, filed a restraining order against him. Hearing to be held at 400 McAlister St. Courtroom 514 at 9am on Friday September 16th.

The CAPS Fighting Union Caucus members are angry at Blanning and Baker for taking CAPS money for years, all the while violating their rights, bylaws and corporation code sections 7510 (b), 7510 (e), 7512, and 8330. After two years of failed efforts to get Blanning and Baker to call a meeting of CAPS union members to discuss furloughs, pay cuts and other pertinent union business, disgruntled employees Will Wright and Charles Rachlis formed the CAPS Fighting Union Caucus to oust current CAPS board members and to cancel the union’s long term contract with Blanning and Baker. In response to this, Blanning and Baker changed the bylaws and have refused to convene meetings or give membership information to CAPS members who would like to call for a meeting via petition. Every attempt to reach the membership to explain the conditions of the Union relationship with Blanning and Baker has been blocked or prevented.

Mr. Rachlis went to the union office August 29th in order to examine the membership list as per California law, only to be physically blocked at the door by B&B staffer/CFO Matt Austin, despite having noticed CAPS of his intent to access the membership list on August 28th. Mr. Rachlis left the CAPS office that afternoon without a membership list or being given the right to view it. He received the list of CAPS members in the mail at home a few days later, but with no contact information, making it nearly impossible to use.

On Labor Day at 10 am the CAPS Vice Presidential Candidate was served with a temporary restraining order which will prevent him from attending to business at the CAPS office, from attending meetings where Blanning and Baker LLC (B&B) staffer Matt Austin and other named individuals are present. Matt Austin is seeking to make this restraining order permanent at a hearing this Friday September 16th at 9:00am at San Francisco Superior Court 400 McAllister St, Rm 514. Working class and union activists, members and nonmembers of CAPS are invited to come and show support for our struggle against the corporate control of our union and for union democracy.

David Miller, current CAPS board member and candidate for President, stated in November 2010 at a DTSC CAPS informational meeting, “no one cares about the bylaws”. Charles Rachlis responded to this, “The 2500 members of CAPS care. We are paying our money to Blanning and Baker to follow the bylaws and respond to our needs. Not to hold our hands and whisper sweet nothings while secretly making concessionary deals behind our backs”

The CAPS Fighting Union Caucus was formed in July 2011, when leaders Will Wright and Charles Rachlis discovered that Blanning and Baker had changed the bylaws related to member meetings and rights. If you would like more information about this topic or to schedule an interview with Will Wright or Charles Rachlis, email crachlis or phone (415) 205-0359.

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