Russel,The SEIU 1000 leadership have been complicit with Brown and the Democrats in making one concession after another. They just supported the last budget deal which will
mean brutal cuts in public services. They have even refused to support taxes on the billionaires and oil company including the ballot initiative to fund education with an oil extraction
tax. Lets see if we can force the SEIU 1000 and other SEIU locals to get this on the ballot this coming November. Talk is cheap. At the last SEIU 1000 rally the main focus was getting people
to vote for Brown, now they have him and they are getting screwed.
The conversation about concessions have been going on for some time and the SEIU top officials have been giving one concession after another including those in San Francisco.
The SEIU in California has over 700,000 members but there have been no statewide mobilizations to protect public workers and public services. In fact they have allowed local by local
to strike their “best” deal isolated from the united effort of all public workers.
By the way what is being done with the CSU system to support the call for a general strike. Is there any endorsements or effort to unite against the attacks on democratic workers and the 99%?
In Solidarity,
Steve Zeltzer

On Oct 28, 2011, at 3:52 PM, Russell Kilday-Hicks wrote:

Sorry, but your headline doesn’t make sense. While they could have been stronger against some of Brown’s more irrational proposals, I missed the part where they support Brown’s proposal. It only says the conversation is started and we need to expand the debate to cover retirement for all workers. What gives?

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