To the CAPS Executive board,

I have waited for word from CAPS on the recent attack on UC Davis students with pepper spray during their peaceful protest but have heard nothing. The CAPS board has a history of ignoring social struggles preferring the “go it alone” strategy of making peace with the politicians of the ruling class; to whom the CAPS board gives our dues dollars to every election cycle. Will CAPS join in with silent approval while the ruling class attacks our youth who clearly have more chutzpah than the entire CAPS board when it comes to defending our living conditions? Where I come from silence is considered to be tacit approval. So the question must be asked which side is CAPS on? Will CAPS come forward and join those demanding that the Chancellor of UC Davis as well as the police who violated our youth with the pepper spray must be removed from their posts permanently. Many CAPS members have come out of the UC system and in the future it is likely that our co-workers will come out of this system. It is also possible that students being attacked today at UC Davis will be future members of CAPS. Silence on this brutality to our youth, our children, our future members is not acceptable.

Charles Rachlis

“The working class and the employing class have nothing in common.”
IWW founding congress opening statement

About Mad Scientist

Member of California Association of Professional Scientists
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