2/11 Protest Against SEIU Pres Mary Kay Henry And Company

STOP Concession Bargaining & Union Busting!
Protest SEIU Pres Mary Kay Henry & company
Saturday February 11, 2012
Protest/Rally Starts At 8:00AM & Press Conference At 11:00AM
Oakland Airport Hilton
1 Hegenberger Rd, Oakland, CA 94621
The SEIU which is one of the biggest unions in the country is engaged in pushing massive concessions on it’s members nationally and in California such as Kaiser. The former president Andy Stern along with the present President Mary Kay Henry both support labor management partnerships and give-backs.
They have have supported union busting politicians throughout the US in order to get agency shops and other deals with these government officials who they give millions to. They have also pushed give-backs on pensions and healthcare benefits for workers in San Francisco and throughout the state. Conditions and benefits won over decades of struggle are being given away without a fight.
They also are pushing privatization throughout the country as long as the privatized workers are members of the SEIU. This top down corporate business unionism is poison for working people. She and her cohorts have also been involved in rigging union elections including in SEIU locals throughout the State. In San Francisco, her aid Josie Mooney “the Salsa Queen” and “Skunk Team Leader” helped rig elections and was then fired but was recently rehired by the SEIU 1021 leadership as a consultant for $8,000 a month. Nice pay for a corrupt corporate union politician when members are taking cutbacks.
Henry and her crew have also spent tens of millions of dollars raiding other unions from Puerto Rican teacher to other unions throughout the US. This has nothing to do with labor solidarity or trade union principles but everything to do with getting more dues paying members whatever the cost. She and her California henchman Dave Regan who was appointed director of SEIU UHW are also responsible for the death of an SEIU Homecare worker in Detroit when they tried to bust up the Labor Notes convention because a leader of the California Nurses Association was speaking.
These types of thug tactics have no place in the labor movement and California trade unionists will be giving this union busting puppet for big business a proper reception at this SEIU 1021 convention.
Protest and Press Conference Endorsed by
United Public Workers For Action
Members For Rank And File Power MFRFP
http://www.upwa.info -labor donated-

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