Letter To AFL-CIO regarding Support For Obama

From Shiela Hamanaka


How can you support Barack Obama after he rewarded the banks for foreclosing on the homes of MILLIONS of working people? How can you support a President who just took away your civil liberties? Who put a grandma, one of the greatest defenders of democracy – Lynne Stewart, The People’s Lawyer – into the slammer for ten years; who thinks it’s okay to shoot US citizens on sight anywhere in the world without formal charges or public trial?

Someone in the AFL-CIO must be making a REALLY HIGH SALARY, to identify with yet another candidate who represents the RICH BOSSES. Let’s see…


Top Ten Highest Paid Leaders

Name Title Total Compensation
Richard Trumka President $283,340.00
Arlene Holt-Baker Executive Vice President $254,138.00
Paul Lemmon Asst to Pres&Natl ProgMgr $199,811.00
Jonathan Hiatt Executive Assist to Pres $192,288.00
Shuler Elizabeth Secretary-Treasurer $191,605.00
Richard Barchiesi Special Assistant to Pres $183,836.00
Penny Schantz International Representat $168,732.00
Edward Tynes Senior Organizer $162,585.00
Timothy Maddox Deputy SCC Director $161,079.00
Ana Avendano Asst to Pres Imm Com Act $161,052.00

Oh, it looks like AFL-CIO execs are NOT part of the 99%. Now your endorsement of Obama makes sense.

But maybe, to be consistent, you should STOP SENDING OUT NEWS ABOUT OCCUPY WALL STREET, like you support the masses.

You have to make up your mind, okay? “Which side are you on?

Sheila Hamanaka

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