Help expose corporate control of State Workers Union and complicit role of PERB


Charles Rachlis State Scientist in Unit 10 vs. California Association of Professional Scientists (CAPS).

On July 27th 2012 there will be a press conference held at 9:30 am at the Public Employees Relations Board (PERB) office 1330 Broadway, Oakland. At 10:00 a.m. a hearing will be held in Suite 1532 the PERB Oakland Office. OCCUPIERS AND TRADE UNIONISTS ARE INVITED TO PARTICIPATE!

CAPS (the Association representing Unit 10 workers) under the control of profit takers Blanning and Baker LLC, expelled Rachlis from CAPS in violation of the CAPS Policy Manual, by not convening a grievance hearing within the allotted time resulting in an illegal expulsion of two members (both candidates in last September’s election.)

Rachlis will explain how Blanning and Baker LLC (B&B) control CAPS and PECG (representing Unit 9 workers,) how they constructed and maintain these organizations as profit making centers for their corporation, they demobilize the membership, deny democracy, thuggishly violate rank and file persons bodies, ignore the rules of the organization and the laws of the state of California while regularly driving out members who object.

Rachlis fights for: reinstatement into CAPS, the nullification of elections of last September election, that it be held over again, that candidates entire uncensored statements be distributed, for CAPS to break its relations with the profit taking agents (B&B,) for CAPS to hire lawyers to sue B&B for $15 million in theft of services charges for denial of members rights to annual membership meeting for the last 12 years and for ignoring their fiduciary responsibility (as the acting executive director) to the membership, by not directing the executive board to abide the bylaws as per legal obligation and to begin holding regular membership meetings.

Rachlis will show that PERB, empowered under the DILLS ACT, signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown, does not act to protect the rights of the rank and file workers, but rather acts to prevent democracy in the unions from breaking out.

Rachlis will use the hearing to expose how PERB and the corporate controlled CAPS join forces to impose the austerity as willing tools of the ruling class. The intention of this exercise in democracy will be to show our co-workers that we cannot rely on the State to defend our rights from the thugs who today control our unions because the State is not class neutral. The lesson will be that we can only win by building rank and file democratic unions independent from the corporations, the state and the capitalist political parities.

The result of this adjudication will show that the State’s quasi-judicial administrative branch stands-by while workers rights and dues dollars are stolen by capitalist corporations who funnel those dues into the pockets of Democratic and Republican politicians, lawyers and their own fat bank accounts!

Contact Charles Rachlis (415) 205-0359

“The working class and the employing class have nothing in common.”
IWW founding congress opening statement

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Member of California Association of Professional Scientists
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