Enough Is Enough-Labor Community Control Of Richmond’s Chevron Refinery

Enough Is Enough-Labor Community Control Of Richmond’s Chevron Refinery
Labor Day Rally 9/3/2012 For Public Worker/Community Control Of Richmond Chevron Refinery

Whereas, there have have been continuous fires at the Chevron refinery for many years
including this past August 6, 2012 at unit 4 and in 1999 when another unit burned and,

Whereas, the management and owners of the Chevron refinery have refused to provide
proper health and safety protection for the workers and community and

Whereas, this company made $26.9 billion last year yet refuses to provide compensation for the contamination of the the community and an epidemic of asthma and cancer directly caused by the emissions of the plant.

Whereas, the company refuses to provide information about the contaminants and the dangers that have been spewing into the community and,

Whereas, by their putting profit before health and safety of the workers and the community they have lost the right their right to operate a refinery in California and,

Whereas, working people should be in control of the energy industry for real energy efficiency and mass transportation and alternative energies and,

Whereas, their labor and environmental record has been to fight demands by refinery workers and
the community for stronger environmental and health and safety laws and,

Whereas the profits from the Chevron refinery have not been used for education and the healthcare of the
people of Richmond, California and the people of California,

Therefore be it resolved we support a rally on Labor Day September 3, 2012 at 10:00 AM at the Chevron Richmond refinery located at 841 Chevron Way, Richmond California 94801

The demands of the rally are:
For the public control of of the Chevron Refinery in Richmond and for it to be run by working people

for the working people and community.

For full compensation and lifetime full healthcare benefits for all residents of Richmond and for the refinery workers,

For criminal prosecution of Chevron managers and owners for putting the workers and communities in
deadly danger and violating health and safety rules and environmental rules and,

Call for concurrence by all other affiliated bodies of this organization including the labor councils, state organizations and national union.

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Member of California Association of Professional Scientists
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