CA State Workers At DPH Rally In Richmond To Protest Gov Brown’s Austerity & Attacks On Public Workers

CA State Department of Public Workers rallied and spoke out on May 5, 2013 against the continuing attacks and cutbacks on state workers. Governor Brown has imposed furloughs and attacks on public worker pensions on all state workers and many have had a traumatic affect as a result of these attacks. The CAP union as well as SEIU 1000 and AFSCME continue to support Governor Brown and the Democratic party despite their policies of austerity and their political attacks on public workers. The DPH workers in Richmond also protested the growing use of temporary workers without the same benefits to create a two tier workforce and harm civil service and professional services. The speakers also pointed out that although there are over 1.5 million public workers in California they are all divided up by their unions and contracts and to fight successfully all public workers must unite together to defend themselves.  Musicians GG and Orion also sang for the protest. Also a public transit worker from Chicago  joined the rally and supported their struggle. The rally was initiated by the Interunion Organizing Committee of State Workers and endorsed by the United Public Workers For Action.

For more information go to
Production of United Public Workers For Action

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