UPWA Stop Concession Bargaining, Scabbing & Union Busting A Victory For BART Workers Is A Victory For All Workers!

> Stop Concession Bargaining, Scabbing & Union Busting
> A Victory For BART Workers Is A Victory For All Workers!
> United Labor Action, No Contract No Work And
> Build For A General Strike To Bust The Union Busters!
> The BART workers who are members of ATU 1555 and SEIU 1021 have faced concession bargaining with givebacks for the last ten years. Now the rank and file workers have had enough and are demanding real wage increases and an end on the attacks on their conditions and benefits. This is a demand all workers public and private should support. The media, the billionaires and the corporate political shills are blaming the workers for this crisis instead of their capitalist system which is destroying our lives for bigger profits.

> Tens of thousands of other workers in Northern California are presently facing give back demands and are working without contracts. These include ATU 192 AC, AFSCME 3299 UC Workers, UC CWA UPTE workers, UAW 2865 Graduate Students, Hayward SEIU 1021 workers, CNA Sutter Nurses at Alta Bates and other facilities, CWA Media Workers at the SF Chronicle, Unite Here Local 2850 fast food workers at the Oakland Airport, Unite Here Local 2 SF Ballpark workers and AFT 2121 CCSF city college workers. >
> Workers in these unions must fight for their unions to join in united action with BART workers if they go out on strike on August 4. This means a break for business as usual. This is a one sided class war against all working people and we need to build a mass workers movement to go on the offensive. The Wisconsin workers were moving toward a general strike and the AFL-CIO and SEIU turned this movement into electing more Democratic politicians rather than using a mass workers movement to shutdown this Wisconsin and the country. That was how unions were built in the 30’s and we need the same actions now if labor is going to survive the onslaught. >
> Business unionism and labor management partnerships as more and more workers can see will not defend our trade unions and we need a united front of all workers to stop this epidemic of union busting and concession bargaining. We cannot allow other transit union locals to scab on striking BART workers. This is only helping the bosses. We need democratically run unions where the rank and file run the unions instead of consultants and political allies and operatives of the Democratic party.

> Workers power means that we link up all workers together with democratic assemblies and build a labor movement not controlled by corporate unionists. This also means rank and file votes before workers return to work and no contract no work! Many of the transit and public workers are also Black, Latino and Asian as these communities are being hit hard. >
> At the same time, our union tops have helped elect these same politicians at BART, in the legislature and governor Brown who are now leading the attacks on public workers through privatization/outsourcing, assaults on public worker pensions and benefits. While we have more than 100 billionaires in California, the politicians that our unions have supported are demanding that we take more concessions while our officials continue to support these corporate shills.
> We need an independent democratic labor/workers party that represents working people, unions and the majority of workers in this country.
> The United Public Workers For Action is a national network that fights to unite California’s 1.5 million public workers along with public workers nationally to use our collective power in action and education. Lets build for a victory for the BART by uniting all workers who face similar attacks and go on the offensive economically and politically. > Produced by
> United Public Workers For Action
> http://www.upwa.info
> 8/1/2013

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