Letters from Inside

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Letters from Inside

by prisonerhungerstrikesolidarity

Letter from PBSP dated July 28, 21st day of hunger strike: He’s lost over 40 pounds “and getting smaller by the day” — all fat gone, body eating muscle now. “There are several who already fell out from effects of the HS and we have some who have been placed in the hospital and the prison specialty clinic. But there are many of us who will see this out to the end. We are still strong.”
Postcard from PBSP dated July 29: “[…] they moved 14 of the reps [and others accused of being reps] to Administrative Segregation to further isolate them. The top brass ordered […] by the top brass out of Sacramento. […] But nothing changed, my sista. We are now on our 21st day and maintaining our course.”
Postcard from Corcoran: “There has been retaliation within the Health Care Department where policymakers have apparently decided to subordinate what’s in the best medical interest of prisoners to Custody.” Unlike Pelican Bay, Corcoran must be holding mail. The postcard is dated July 21 but not postmarked until July 30.
Everyone’s writing reflects the strain the hunger strikers are under and the increasing weakness, both in what they say and how they write it down. I’m very familiar with their handwriting and writing style and can see the effects of the struggle. One striker wrote “Let me say this next week we will be having major complications from the HS.”

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