San Francisco Labor Council Resolution on BART negotiations

Resolution in Solidarity with Bay Area Transit Workers

Whereas, the BART Board of Directors hired known union buster Thomas P. Hock, Vice President of Veolia
Transportation Company as their chief contract negotiator who has an anti-labor record of aggressive
concession bargaining, privatizing and union busting and is now allowing the training of uncertified personnel
to operate trains in the even of a strike; and

Whereas, BART managers have also targeted ATU 1555 activist George Figueroa, a shop steward and former
strike coordinator, in the midst of contentious contract bargaining by pressing criminal charges against Brother
Figeuroa for the misdemeanor of allegedly falsifying a police report about an incident at a BART station; and
Whereas, the BART managers had previously targeted and fired the late Ray Quan, an SEIU 1021 mechanic,
who was also a union activist and strike leader; and

Whereas, these attempts by BART to target and victimize union activists and to use strike breakers send a
chilling message to all union members, who cherish freedom of speech and freedom of association, and
indeed confronts the entire labor movement with a challenge,

Therefore Be It Resolved the San Francisco Labor Council:

1. Condemns the publicly elected BART Board of Directors for their attempt to force concessions on the
BART workers who have already suffered from a 4-year wage freeze, when BART has projected
surplus revenue of $125 million for each year of the next 10 years;

2. Demands the bogus charges against ATU 1555 former strike coordinator George Figueroa be
dropped; and

3. Gives its full support to ATU 1555, SEIU 1021 and AFSCME 3993, the BART unions, in their
campaign against union-busting, to win a decent contract, and to maintain decent working conditions
for all Bay Area workers; and

Be It Finally Resolved the San Francisco Labor Council supports ATU 1555’s call for a mass labor solidarity
rally and march before the expiration of the 60-day cooling-off period to protest these attacks and will send this
resolution to all affiliated bodies for concurrence in order to mobilize full support for this critical Bay Area

Submitted by Chris Finn, ATU 1555; Mike Casey, Unite Here 2; Alan Benjamin, OPEIU 3; and Alisa Messer,
AFT 2121.


Tim Paulson
Executive Director

About Mad Scientist

Member of California Association of Professional Scientists
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