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Stop Concession Bargaining And No Contract No Work-Oakland BART Workers Solidarity Rally & March

Hundreds of BART workers and their supporters rallied and marched on Tuesday October 8, 2013 in Oakland demanding an end to concession bargaining and calling on the unity of all labor to fight the attacks.
At the rally which included representatives from ATU 1555, SEIU 1021 and AFSCME 3993 unionists warned that they were fed up with give backs and it was time to take a hard line against the management.
Workers also protested the criminal frame-up of BART union leader and former strike co-ordinator George Figueroa who also spoke at the rally about his arrest and jailing because of speaking at a BART board meeting and organizing for the union.
Yuri Hollie, a ATU 1555 station agent who also is on the executive board and was on the negotiating committee spoke and introduced Oscar Grant’s uncle Bobby from the community.
Included in the rally was also a Federal worker from AFGE who said they were working without being paid which was actually “against the 13th amendment of the constitution.
For further information go to:
Production of Labor Video Project



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