IUOC support strike

Open letter to California State Workers Unions and the membership
The Inter-Union Organizing Committee (IUOC) at the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) in Richmond California met today and resolved the following:
Whereas the BART workers’ demands for adequate COLAs to make up for the setback of the last 4 years and to account for the expectations of inflation for the next three years have been rejected by management, and;
Whereas the BART retirees do not receive social security and management is demanding that workers start paying for their pensions despite the previous contracts covering pensions until 2034, and;
Whereas the attacks on public workers’ pensions are not BART-specific but are being replicated in places like Detroit, and similar attacks are underway in San Jose, San Diego and the State government as well and;
Whereas a defeat for the BART workers and AC Transit workers would be a setback for all organized labor;
Therefore the IUOC calls upon our members’ various unions (CAPS, AFSCME, IUOE 39, SEIU 1000 …) to support the BART and AC Transit workers if and when they strike, by contacting our membership to assure they honor the picket lines and do not ride SCAB trains or transportation, and;
The IUOC calls upon our members’ various unions to take action by mobilizing labor to help the ATU 1555, ATU 192 and SEIU 1021 win by providing material and organizational, assistance and concrete forms of solidarity wherever they are needed for logistics, at the picket lines or building mass rallies.

Beth McCoy (AFSCME)
Dan Cullen (IUOE 39)
Patty Rich (CAPS)
Brandon Brown (SEIU Local 1000)
For the
Inter-Union Organizing Committee at CDPH

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