11/21 Oakland Protest/Press Conference Stop Union Busting Against BART Workers
Hands Off BART Workers

Emergency Demonstration On Thursday November 21, 2013 8:15 AM – 8:45 AM
In Front Of BART Building
344 20th St. Oakland, California
Board Meeting on Thursday October 24, 2013 at 8:30 AM in front of the 20th St. Mall
BART Board Room Kaiser Center 20th Street Mall
Third Floor – 344 20th Street, Oakland, California 94612

The BART managers and the BART Board of Directors continue their war on the workers who make BART run. After the murder of two replacement workers the BART managers signed a contract that included paid family leave. This should be a right and benefit that all working people have but now the BART board says that they want that contract clause removed because “it costs too much”.

This for a board that paid Veolia Transportation VP Thomas P Hoch $399,000 along with giving his company tens thousands of dollars to break the strike.

The confrontational attack on the BART workers and the unions cannot be ignored. It must be answered by all working people who face similar attacks. These managers need to be jailed for their health and safety practices that have led to deaths not only of the two workers who crossed the picket lines but BART worker James Strickland in 2008.
The United Public Workers For Action is also calling for a labor tribunal/hearing to exposed the criminal negligence of these managers and for their jailing.

We also believe that concession/regressive bargaining has only weakened the power of labor and that if the contract is voted down by the BART board workers should directly link up with AC ATU 1555 worker for joint action.

Stop Concession/Regressive Bargaining, Prepare for united action with ATU 192 AC transit workers
No Contract No Work

Establish Workers Tribunal On The Health and Safety at BART and Managers and Board
Jail BART managers of murder!

Stop Union Busting And Attacks On Transit and All Public Workers

Initiated By
United Public Workers For Action UPWA

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Member of California Association of Professional Scientists
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