The Governor is using CAPS and PECG against all state workers

The governor is using CAPS and PECG as the first wave of a general assault on all state and public workers.
The true reason CAPS and PECG went off cycle with SEIU was not because it meant we would win our demands but because Blanning and Baker and David Miller promised to help the governor enforce his “pension reform” by signing off on the extension of medical vesting time and by opening the flood gates of making workers pay for retirement medical care with their own post tax dollars.

If BU 10 members want their pay parity they need to take the following actions: 1) Vote NO on the TA
2) Elect the new BOD slate of Michael, Wright, Rich-Crawford, Joaquin, Moore and non slate candidate Pfeiffer.
3) At the first BOD meeting examine the CAPS/ Blanning and Baker Contract. Consider legal options to fire B&B.
4) Based on the expiration date of the contract announce that B&B services will no longer be needed.
5) Direct B&B to engage council to start legal proceedings against B&B for violation of fiduciary responsibilities to enforce bylaws and California Corporate Code.
6) When B&B refuse to follow direct order from President they will be in violation of contract and can be fired immediately. 7) Write B&B out of the bylaws and Policy Manual.
8) Initiate emergency membership meetings to chart new course.
9) Set up all membership communications network for full participation from workplace, desk, or personal device.
10) Recall the negotiations team. Send in a new team with a mandate to stand strong on our demands and reject the fake “pension reform” which is actually a take away.
11) Go to PERB to have impasse declared. Prepare the membership for strike action by forming strike and action committees at each job site.
12) Solicit real unions to affiliate with. Have membership consider all options in open and transparent discussion and vote on options.
13) Develop a social and political program that unites CAPS with Labor, workers, under-employed, unemployed, students, teachers, elderly and recipients of social programs to struggle for class independence, and united worker action to make the billionaire class pay for their crisis.
In discussion with a worker in New Zealand, about the planned medical contribution that CAPS and PECG put in the TA, he said if they had that type of attack on benefits there it would ignite a General Strike.

To win we need a new leadership willing to fight, to build class unity, to mobilize, educate and take the members into action.


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